Man is a creature of emotion.

Why don't we introduce ourselves to our neighbors?

The Shitennouji is the most ancient temple in Japan.

We go to school by bus.


He crossed the sports ground.


Bryan has a part-time job at a burger joint.

We're not young.

The TV newscast informs us of daily news.


Life belongs to the living, and those who live must be prepared for change.

You're doing nothing wrong.

I never heard anything like that.

My father got home late last night.

He never did his work anyhow.


What do you think are the best sellers of the latest Japanese records?

Would you excuse me?

Contrary to popular opinion, hair and fingernails do not continue to grow after death.

It was OK.

I made friends with her.


Hamlet proclaimed that he was not mad, but only pretended to be mad. Could it be, that he was mad all along? Or maybe he wasn't mad at first, but later on - as things became more and more complicated - he started to really lose his mind? Or maybe, he wasn't mad at all?

I hate it when this happens.

Let's order two bottles.

I'm sorry, but I don't understand English well.

She got him a new hat.

Just be silent and listen.

Robbin and his friends were robbed at gunpoint.

It's strange that people in hot climate zones eat spicy things like curry.

That boy over there will be Mayo's brother.


I didn't just make the plan, I carried it out.

Graeme has been in far worse situations than this.

I can't understand why Nigel doesn't want to go with us.

Before we get started, I'd just like to say a few words about how important this job is.

A red light is often used as a danger signal.

He protested against the new plan.

The lion is often used as a symbol of courage.

You had better chain up the dog so that he won't bite.


You never say what you really think, do you?

Her eyes were moist with tears.


You won't get rid of me that easily.


She's six years older than I am.


You really do play the marimba quite well.

Defeat him.

Earle didn't attend the ceremony.

I'm on my way to pick him up.

I'm a little scared.

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Who told you I was back?

Isn't that Starbuck's hat?

Gary may be under thirty.

Industrious people look down on laziness.

This is the passage to the sea.

I want to know why you didn't get here on time.

This might get ugly.

I don't work on Sunday.

Ramanan may be hurt.

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We're better off without Jiri.

But now to our next topic.

I hope you're not mad at me.


I don't want you on the trip.

He hasn't been doing anything since he graduated from high school.

Take exercises out of doors.

We're concerned about it.

Ed was wearing a green swimsuit.

Patty's palms were sweaty.

We value your advice.

Go back to your work.

Jared was here for three years.

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Only Takeuchi did not accept the invitation.

Erik is not as old as you.

Don't leave me!


When was the last time you cried?


It was an amazing evening.


I've lived here all my life.

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Will you keep playing all night long?


Casey plays lacrosse.

He pushed past me.

How long have you played soccer?

I'll miss everyone.

He explained the matter in detail.

Is it a good material?

"You loved me once," she answered sadly.


I think it would be cute if Honzo and Rod became a couple.

Ten minutes' walk brought us to the bus stop.

Why haven't you done your homework?

I knew I shouldn't have parked here.

Clarence grabbed some paper towels and wiped his hands.

"OK, Kimi, the next car behind you is Alonso. Alonso five seconds behind you. I'll keep you updated on the gap. I'll keep you updated on the pace." "Just leave me alone, I know what I'm doing!"

I am not a guide

Gretchen was competent.

Markku seemed pleasantly surprised.

Skip has two girlfriends.

Their ordeal is over.


No more parties.

I didn't really want to see Shahid today.

It would have been nice if Patricio had listened to what I said more carefully.


What've you been doing all morning?

How did you like the play?

I would love to drive the car but I'm only 14.

Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb are considered the most important Mughal emperors.

I did my best.


This is the last time I'm telling you to do that.


Mike can't play baseball well.

Honey is made from nectar, not pollen.

Pat doesn't get up early.


They like reading English literature.

Do you know what I'm going to do? Nothing.

I used to discuss things with Cary.


Could you recommend a nice restaurant near here?

Bryan is known as Joubert on the Internet.

Rafik is downstairs right now talking with Rajiv.

Gregor is really conceited, isn't he?

Douglas worked here last year.

His family is rather badly off.

Winnie was eating a sandwich.

You're going to need a bigger boat.

I'm not going to take you back to Boston with me.


I just wanted to confuse you.

I really am very busy, Toerless.

Democracy is a quest, a never-ending seeking for better things, and in the seeking for these things and the striving for better things, and in the seeking for these things and the striving for them, there are many roads to follow.

I want you out here.

Pratapwant has a new pair of sunglasses.


Tell them to stay put for now.


Darryl was worried about his friend's recent illness.

I'll thank her.

Kelly drank a lot.

It is not the correct solution.

You can't go alone.

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This telephone is connected to the fax machine.

If I'd had a little more money, I would have bought it.

In an emergency, use the stairway, not the elevator.


The trip will take approximately five hours.

I was told to learn this poem by heart by the end of this week.

Ron doesn't like to eat fish.


Call me after you talk to Horst.


"I have a very sweet husband," said Danny.

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You owe us three hundred dollars.


Have you already seen as nice a movie as this one?


It is difficult to calculate the results of the election.

Tobias is driving to the hospital.

It seemed that he had been ill.

A sound mind dwells in a sound body.

How long did it take Jerrie to finish his homework?

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I thought I'd be able to recognize Bonnie.

In natural gifts he is second to none.

You can't defeat Hugh without my help.

Beverly sits at his computer eight hours a day.

Hey, your fly is down. Zip it up.


I'm trying to find out when it happened.

You never get something for nothing.

Can I have a word with you, Douglas?


We have a lot more food than we need.

In order to bring out your talents to the full you need to a profession more suited to you, to find a new work place.

Masanobu put the bowl of popcorn on the table.

There happened to be a train accident early that morning.

What did Bobbie think of Root?

You like her, don't you?

The moment I saw him, I knew he was angry with me.

In the Sailendra dynasty, which arose in the eighth century in central Java, Mahayana Buddhism blossomed, and Buddhist temples like Borobudur were built.

Into the fog!


The sun, moon, and stars are all part of the universe.

Ilya is exactly three weeks old.

Are you coming?